Practical modern guide to experience a powerful life journey of health, energy and youthful enthusiasm - optimising your peak potentials, whilst also achieving calm to your body and mind
Learn to understand and nurture your mind, body & spirit, unlock your potential and express your uniqueness
Step 3
In step 3 we will learn how to create an inner connection. How to connect with different parts of our body and in so doing become aware of its needs. This will allow us to discover in advance possible future imbalances. We will also deepen our ability to focus.
Step 4
In step 4 we focus on overcoming and removing emotional blockages and learn how to apply this knowledge to help us improve what we have learnt so far.
Step 5
In step 5 we will learn how to meditate and how our mind works. Once you understand the inner working of your mind it will be much easier to understand your thoughts and emotions, and work in harmony with them to achieve an inner and outer balance.
Step 6
In step 6, now that we understand how our mind works, we will learn how to visualise dynamically and start the process of creating the future we desire.
  • “Daniele has imbibed a vast knowledge of Eastern and Western philosophy and body/mind techniques. I suspect you might find his knowledge as helpful, encouraging and inspiring as I do.”
    Annie Lennox (Musician)
  • “When I wrote down a list of some of my most memorable moments of the year, I was surprised that a session with Daniele came to mind as one of them. I have immediately connected with Daniele, feeling so comfortable in his presence. He has an amazing way with energy and wisdom that leaves you feeling uplifted and peaceful”…
    Lily Cole (Actor & Model)
  • “Daniele’s sessions are inspirational and relaxing. His technique is to be experienced. A much welcomed oasis of calm at the end of a busy day”…
    Bryan Ferry (Musician)
  • “I have always hated the idea of exercising and looking after myself, it is boring, wasteful and crap… but I am getting older, fatter and iller. Bizarrely, Daniele has managed to make me feel better and look fitter and thinner whithout irritating me with any pseudo spiritual bollocks, and even more bizzarly it is fun and I am enjoying myself… two thumbs up”…
    Bob Geldof (Musician)
  • “Daniele is wonderful… highly recommended”…
    Colin Firth (Actor)
  • “I have worked with Daniele for many years and he never fails to amaze me with his ingenious methods of not only relaxing me but then guiding me to the centre of my creative soul. Working with Daniele has allowed me to embrace the polymath in me and have success in so many areas I never thought would have been possible”…
    Dave Stewart (Musician)
  • “Daniele came into my life in a very critical moment and I cannot emphasize enough how instrumental he was in helping me find again my purpose as an artist and human being. Daniele is the genuine article”…
    Andreu Riera (International Concert Pianist)
  • “Life can be unpredictable. Sometimes we suppress things in order to remain in control, ignoring or misunderstanding what our body and soul are trying to tell us. Daniele came into my path to remind me about faith and trust. He did lift my soul again and for that I am grateful. There are many qualities I appreciate about him, but above all I am grateful for his respect and total discretion”…
    Jeanne Marine (Actor)
  • “In just three short months Daniele improved my posture, rid me of back pain and imbued a tremendous sense of well-being: all played out to a constant punk soundtrack. So the time we spend together is never anything short of tremendous fun. Not words routinely used to describe spirituality, but ones that capture Daniele’s unique brand of “non-spiritual” spirituality. His book is as special as he is”…
    Stevie Spring (CEO and Chairman)
  • “Daniele has been gently persuading me to exercise twice a week for quite sometimes. I was always terrified by the notion of someone “training” me, but Daniele makes it a pleasure rather than a chore. His breadth of experience and kind manner ensure that he can get the best out of you, so that each session is never the same – except for the end result of feeling simultaneously energized and relaxed”…

    Lisa Moran-Parker (Film Producer)
  • “Love at first sight! How would you call it? Reading an article in an Italian newspaper. Buying an e-book just in time before the flight attendant gently convinces you to close your iPad. Reading the whole book from Frankfurt to Mexico. Connecting with the Author to thank him as the first thing done after landing… Only Daniele could have been so convincing…with his simplicity… Strong Simplicity: the first thing that is conquering you after that you meet him in person. Yes, getting in touch with Daniele, in person, is one of the most important experiences one can do in his life! Do it with the heart if you really want to enjoy the experience!!!”…
    Joseph Ricciardelli (Mechanical Engineering And International Consultant)
  • “I first took Daniele’s class three years ago and have never looked back. His sessions are effective without being grueling, he is able to tailor the session to your individual needs and one leaves feeling relaxed yet energized. He offers spiritual guidance and thoughtful, common sense advice without being pushy. Best of all it is delivered without the intangible waffle so often heard in his field.”…

    Ellie Dowling (Model)
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Learn to understand and nurture your mind, body & spirit, unlock your potential and express your uniqueness